* I just wanted to let you know how bootcamp has kept me going over the last year and particularly over the last couple of months.


I’ve had a hard time in my home life and bootcamp has given me the strength, mentally and physically to get through it. Your bootcamp instructors are amazing. I remember Mark saying how impressed he was after my first bootcamp and his positive attitude at classes always puts a smile on my face. I love playing British bulldog in your classes, playing with water pistols and learning animal flow. Steve has helped my shoulder mobility and this evening he told me I was looking strong which made me very happy. Right now I do feel strong mentally and physically despite what’s going on and I honestly don’t know how I would have got through the last year without bootcamp so thank you. You’ve got a great team and a great set up.

* I started Boot camp In Hildenborough in November 2015. I thought I was fairly fit until I joined! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, not a hint of competitive egos. I only wanted to lose that last 10 lbs, I did a lot of running but wanted to loose body fat and tone up and I never enjoyed the gym and wanted to have a go at something different. The classes are well run with knowledgeable expert trainers. Each session is different, very challenging with such variety you never get bored. The sessions take place outside come rain or shine, in fact my first session was freezing cold and snowing but it made you feel alive doing exercise in the fresh air. Boot camp had all levels of ability and the instructors bring out the best in everyone with their programmes.
At Boot camp they offer so much more than just an exercise class and they also have physio, sports therapy, personal trainers and nutrition advice, there is even a beauty therapist. I had a 1-1 coaching session about diet to try and break my weight plateau and was given so much helpful information and was introduced to the “Forever Lean” programme. I have been eating this programme since learning about it and have introduced it to my family as well.


I was fairly fit before joining Boot camp but now I am fitter, stronger and much leaner with less body fat. I lost over a stone, broke my plateau and in total 17 cm from my overall body (arms, tummy and legs).


Sadly I have moved house and am unable to carry on. My last session I took my 9 and 12 daughters to come and join and see what mum does at 8 am on a Saturday each week. They absolutely loved it and understood why mum was hooked.


Thanks again to Dan and his team, I loved every single session and will miss coming but will carry on the fitness and will continue with the Forever Lean way of eating.


If you are thinking about joining – do it, you will not look back!


Thanks again, really enjoyed my time at Boot camp


* ..I thought I was eating right until I spoke to Dan about some personal
training and we discussed diet…


I complained that the needle on the weighing scales was always edging up rather than down, even when exercising every day…it was clear although I was eating what could be seen as healthy food, home cooked or natural, such as porridge oats, meat, fish, boiled new potatoes, brown rice etc all prepared from scratch, not processed, it was too reliant on carbs.


I noticed as I got older it was more difficult to lose those extra pounds put on at Christmas, my body wasn’t thanking me for being overweight. Since following Dan’s Forever Lean diet I have lost 10lbs, eat like a horse and never feel hungry between meals Dan will explain the science about how some foods lead to insulin spikes and weight gain, especially as the fat seems to end up on one’s belly! It’s clear to me though that we are programmed by evolution to eat mostly protein from vegetables in particular and that they should be 80% of one’s diet.
Throw in fruit particularly berries, pears, avocado and other foods high in fibre such as nuts, beans, oats (after exercise) and protein from meat, fish, eggs and that’s the staple.


Dan’s forever lean hints and tips leaflets along with the videos are very good. Share them with the family so we can bring about a change in the way we eat and shop. Chusck out the packet serials, avoid the coke and fizzy drinks (even the diet ones)


The Forever Lean diet is now one of the legs, along with exercise and sleep!
To help me build a platform to stay healthy.


Kevin Marsh

* Fitter, stronger & happier!
Joining Kent Boot Camps is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Everyone has been welcoming and encouraging from the very beginning. Each session is different, challenging & interesting which keeps me motivated and wanting to come back. In the last year alone I’ve lost a stone and a half, completed a handful of obstacle course races and a half marathon!
I’d recommend Kent Boot Camps to anyone! I’ve lost weight, got fitter and made great new friends. Honestly! What’s not to like?
Many thanks to you and the other instructors for all the support and encouragement

Martin Eady

* Since having children my weight has always fluctuated up and down. Despite attending the gym regularly I never achieved the results I was looking for and got stuck in a rut.

I’ve been a member at Kent Boot Camps for 3 months and attended on average 3 sessions a week. I love how each session is different and is made enjoyable.

In just a few months I feel fitter and stronger and lost 1.5 stone. I still have more to lose but know that I will get there with Kent Boot Camps.

Unlike other Boot Camps I have tried, Kent Boot Camps makes exercise fun regardless of your size and age and I look forward to every session.

Sue Wheeler

* I’m approaching the final year of my twenties and have been attending boot camp regularly since January of this year. I arrived having spent most of my life overweight and lacking confidence.

At my heaviest back in 2007 I was almost 19 stone, and over the years I’ve been a member of two gyms, a boxing club and also had a personal trainer for a time. All helped me amazingly, but for various reasons including work, moving away or even the expense, I had to give it up. Although I’ve lost a couple of stone over the years, I always found that when you’re working out by yourself in the gym, there’s nobody there to really push and motivate you. I chose boot camp because I wanted to try something that was different, interesting, challenging, and that could fit around my varied work rota. The sessions are tough and the conditions aren’t always pleasant, but the trainers always encourage and motivate me, and I try and give everything I’ve got whether it’s my first session of the week or my fourth.

When I started at boot camp I weighed 16 stone 4, and now I’m a hovering around 15 stone and hoping to push through that shortly. In the last five months my arms, shoulders, back and legs have become more toned and the more I (and others) notice the changes, the more my confidence grows and the more it spurs me on!

Equally important as the exercise has been the changes in my diet and attitudes towards food. Everything from portion sizes to what goes into the food I eat has changed and it’s been great to swap ideas and problem-solve with the trainers and other boot campers who are also trying to achieve similar goals.

My outlook on life has changed in the last year, as my husband & I are currently going through the adoption process. My motivation behind coming to boot camp is to lose weight and build stamina so that I can run around and keep up with a very active child in the near future.

Paul Murphy

* Being healthy and losing weight is about consistently applying fundamental healthy principles, exactly what Sylvie has done.
Congratulations Sylvie our boot camper of the month!

‘I am a Mum of three, living in Bromley and have been a member of Kent Boot Camps for over two years. Like most Mums, I lead a hectic schedule, fitting in a business around school runs, extra curricular activities and the other demands of life. I have always been interested in keeping healthy – my Dad is a PE teacher, my brother is a Personal Trainer and I have tried all sorts of activities myself – running, gym, boxing, martial arts, dancing, etc.

So, what’s the difference between that and Boot Camp?

Well, since taking Boot Camp ‘seriously’ since Summer 2013, the difference is huge! I look forward to every session, I get pushed in every session, the trainers know my goals and remind me of these (white jeans and white top ha, ha!), and I meet great people that make it a delight to return! I have gone from a size 14/16 to a size 10/12 and, most importantly, I now eat super healthily!

So, to summarise – it is great fun, worth the effort, and you get great results!


* As I come to end of my forties, I’ve realised that I have to work a lot harder to negate the effects of a takeaway and a couple of beers!
Like a lot of people I lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle and spend a long time in a routine of bed – sofa -car – desk -car – sofa and back to bed again.

Endless gym memberships and New Year resolution failures led me to conclude that the only way I was going to exercise was for someone to kick my arse… and that’s where Kent Boot Camps came into my life!

I’ve been coming on and off for 3-4 years and have tried to attend at least 3 times per week (in all weathers). When combined with a period of good diet, abstinence from alcohol the results have been much better. I have reduced my waistline, firmed up some flabby bits but more importantly got hooked on the post session buzz and feel good vibe!

Next stop for me is better nutrition and I might even try a little more running between sessions.

The trainers are all great and I get a different set of work outs each week, which makes it more interesting and beneficial. My fellow boot campers are good company, hard working and very welcoming.

See you at booty!

Gary Clark

* After a couple of years being lazy and trying out different exercises that did not aggravate a knee injury, I found myself seriously out of shape, just as I was getting to the age where I needed to get serious about looking after my body and health!

So, with my wedding looming I decided that something needed to change. I chose KBC because I wanted not just to get fit, but to change my lifestyle, and after just one month of boot camp action I am already feeling and looking better (11cm lost from my waist!). 

Dan at KBC encouraged me to eat properly, providing a wealth of nutritional information and diet plans. As well as training hard, he insisted that I concentrate on my whole body health, rather than just my weight. 

Three months in, and the classes are still varied and enjoyable and I have found the atmosphere to be very friendly, sociable and motivating. 

I am stronger, fitter, leaner, and looking forward to a healthy and happy married life!

Chris Shiells

* I started going to Boot Camp about 2 years ago because, although I didn’t have much weight to loose, I did need to tone up and get fitter. I had never had any real staying power in gyms because I got bored easily and lost motivation. Boot camp is different every time because the trainers conduct their sessions using a variety of exercises and techniques with an approach that stops you slacking off but never gets ‘shouty’! Two years on I may not have lost pounds but I have lost inches and replaced fat with muscle, particularly in the areas I disliked the most! I now have biceps’ instead of bingo wings, my posture has improved and I am definitely much fitter. I completed a sprint triathlon with some of the other guys from BC this year and plan to do another couple in 2015. Better still, I now know what foods keep me sustained for longer and avoid the rubbish I always used to eat because it came under the heading of LOW FAT! I would recommend Boot Camp to anyone (and have – my husband does 3 per week although he does struggle to keep up with me!).

Suzanne Birch