Physical therapy

At Kent Boot Camps exercising safely and with proper form is paramount to us, but injuries do sometimes occur. We work closely with Steven Hollinshead BSc Dip.CHEK and are happy to recommend him to you.

Steven has been associated with the fitness and exercise field for over 10 years, firstly as a personal trainer but then as a Corrective Holistic exercise Kinesiologist since 2000.

Having rehabilitated most serious spinal pathologies as a CHEK practitioner, specialising in corrective exercise and sports performance. He further enhanced his studies by completing a Btec level 4 diploma in sports and remedial massage.

This lead to him achieving his long term goal of completing a BSc (Hons) in Osteopathy at the BSO in 2013.

As a sports therapist and personal trainer Seeing the positive effects that osteopathy, sports massage, corrective exercise and strength and conditioning can have on a patient/client’s health is extremely rewarding.

Steven wants to continue delivering good solid manual therapy, strength and conditioning, boot camps, personal training, rehabilitation and lifestyle coaching at Kent Bootcamps based on current research and concepts keeping their clients in top condition.

Steven’s specialties are:

Weight loss, orthopaedic assessment, movement/gait analysis, osteopathic technique, corrective exercise, sports massage, rehabilitation and sports specific conditioning.


Steven Hollinshead BSc (Hons) Dip.CHEK

Steven Hollinshead BSc (Hons) Dip.CHEK

  • Osteopathic Therapy
  • Sports and Remedial Massage.
  • CHEK Practitioner level 2.
  • CHEK Practitioner level 1.
  • CHEK Exercise Coach.
  • CHEK HLC level1.
  • Personal Trainer level 4.

I chose Steve after seeing one of Kent Boot Camp videos on Facebook. I had been having some pain from my knees after completing a half marathon a few months prior, which was now making it too painful to run or walk properly.  I’ve seen a couple of sport therapists who were very good with helping with the immediate pain but no long term solution.
Steve works slightly different to what I had experienced before by treating the cause of the injury with massage and rehab. This involves exercises in the gym followed by advice and exercises for home. With just two sessions my leg feels back to normal virtually pain free and I understand why I was having the pain. With all Steve’s advice on what to do, I’m much more confident that my legs will get stronger and perform correctly so that I can prevent myself form further injury.
Clarise Orme *Results may vary


I saw and heard of Steve after attending a Boot camp session taken by him, Dan Tiley recommended him and I liked what I saw. I’d injured my shoulder and it was restricting my general movement and overall flexibility. I was unable to raise my left arm above my head without pain.
I had already seen a Physio in London close to where I work on 4 occasions but noticed no changes or improvement to the injury or my movement.
Steve takes a very professional and informed approach from the moment you walk in the door. His assessment of my injury and how he intended to treat it was in depth and clear from the outset.
Each appointment was for 1 hour and involved a weekly assessment of how I was feeling with regard to the injury, what exercise I had been involved in prior to the visit etc. The treatment was then 30 minutes of manipulative massage followed by 30 minutes of exercises. Post treatment involved me doing some easy daily exercises prescribed by Steve.
After 5-6 treatments I no longer have a pain associated with my shoulder or raising my arms, my mobility has improved considerably due to the treatment I received from Steve.
Steve has been a great addition to Kent Boot camp and I would strongly recommend that if you have a sport related injury you visit Steve for treatment. Kevin Marsh *Results may vary