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Dan Tiley is Kentís leading Holistic Coach and Personal Trainer, with over 15 years experience helping clients to build healthy habits to improve their wellbeing and for long term weight loss.

He is a highly qualified and experienced fitness professional. Educated to degree level in Sports Science he has trained extensively with the CHEK Institute in San Diego which is at the cutting edge of holistic coaching.

Dan has a particular interest in corrective exercise and has over 15 years experience helping and coaching clients to overcome injury and improve their fitness and general health. He continues to research and evaluate all aspects of health and nutrition and is also a qualified Precision Nutrition Coach.

Personal Training takes place at our exclusive private studio in Shoreham, classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty, convenient for Sevenoaks and Bromley, it has easy access and ample parking.

By following his tried and tested system Dan leaves no stone unturned. His detailed assessment gets to the bottom of each clientís needs. Dan knows from experience that making small but significant changes is the best way to build healthy habits and create long term results.

Personal Training is probably for you if:

  • You struggle to lose weight
  • You have chronic injuries or biomechanical issues
  • You need more accountability, support or guidance
  • You need to improve your mindset
  • You struggle to overcome nutrition and lifestyle blockages
  • You have symptoms of disease Ė (e.g. high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer etc.)
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Dan Tiley

After graduating with a sports science degree in 2000, he trained extensively with the CHEK Institute in California and has now gained over 15 years experience. He specialises in nutrition and lifestyle coaching and believes building healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle is the key for lasting results. Dan loves sport, particularly cricket and tennis, as well as a love for music, food and recently photography. He has 3 boys so understands very well how to keep healthy in a busy household!

  • BSc Fitness Science
  • NASM
  • CHEK Level 1
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor
  • CrossFit level 1
  • Animal Flow level 1
  • Precision Nutrition coach Level 1

Weight loss, improved energy, no pain, a positive mindset and a toned body are by-products of being healthy.

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How do we do this?

We start with an initial consultation and then follow our proven method to assess, monitor and help you achieve your goals.

We will continually listen, measure and adapt to fit your needs and your ultimate goal

*Georgiaís story:-


ĎSo you want to lose weight and get fit? But youíre not sure how or whether youíve got the time?


Well Dan is your man!


I live at one end of the country and work at the other. Iíve got a full-on job and middle age is nipping at my heels!


My complicated life meant I wasnít sure I could fit in any training and I was pretty sure I had nutrition nailed! How wrong I was.


With Danís help, I faced up to some of the problems with my lifestyle and that included a tape measure and scales. Ouch.


He made a weekly slot available which fitted round my hectic schedule (Iím only around two days a week so that wasnít easy) and from there he quite simply helped me change my life. He makes the gym sessions fun (yes really) and he gives me lots of support, helping me to change my approach to food, drink and stress!


6 months on and I feel (and am told I look) amazing! Iíve lost nearly 3 stone, dropped 2 dress sizes and lost a whopping 14cm from my waist.


I couldnít, and wouldnít have done it alone! But Dan not only made it happen, he helped me make what I believe will become lifelong changes! I canít recommend him enough Ė heís a life saver!í*

*Arisís story:-


ĎAfter trying so many diets and exercise programmes to lose weight especially round the belly area, and failing, I searched the Internet and found Danís website. What attracted me to this website were the holistic approach and also the boot camp side. As a 56 year old man with an inactive job,(barber) I thought I needed a lot more exercise and was curious how the holistic approach would benefit me.


From the detailed questionnaire I had to fill out Dan set me a programme of healthy eating, exercises and certain pills and tinctures to improve my health from the inside. He explained to me the art of mindfulness and that being in balance from the inside would help my overall well being.


I followed this programme and in two months lost over six kilos my belly is slowly disappearing but more importantly feel so much better. I only wish Iíd found Dan years ago!
Aris Vafiadisí


* Annieís story:-


ďI moved to Kent in September last year and needed someone I trusted to support my rehabilitation, having ruptured my Achillesí tendon in May.


I found Dan to be friendly, responsive and very thorough in assessing me when we first met. I felt confident that he understood my injury and how best to work in tandem with the physio treatment I was having, to safely plan and progress my return to full fitness. The exercise sheets that Dan emailed to me were an effective way for me to carry on improving in between my face-to-face sessions with him.


Dan is a very professional and talented fitness trainer that I highly recommend to anyone who wants support, encouragement and just enough challenge to help them achieve their fitness goals.


When I met Dan, my physio was not confident that I would be fit enough to go skiing, which I love, this February. However, working with Dan, I was not only able to ski 9 months after my injury, but to do so with confidence. Flying down red and black runs was a great feeling.Ē